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GHR Coorg 2018 Finisher Medal

“Gray as a mouse, Big as a house, Nose like a snake, I make the earth shake …
Oliphaunt am I, Biggest of all, Huge, old and tall, If ever you’d meet me,  You wouldn’t forget me …” 

This is how Samwise Gamgee described the rarely seen, nearly-mythical Oliphaunts of Middle Earth in the Lord of the Rings. Coorg is just as pretty as the nicer parts of Middle Earth with one major difference – There are lots more elephants to be seen both in its lush forests as well as at the Dubare Elephant Camp on the banks of the river Cauvery.

So come to Coorg for a run vacation this August and then stay to experience the elephants! And to ensure you won’t forget your encounter with the elephants in Coorg this August, you get to take home this jute-lined elephant-themed souvenir Coorg 2018 finisher medal.

Get yours when you sign up to run in Coorg this monsoon.


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