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Food delicacies of Orchha

Food of Madhya Pradesh is one of the favourites on the charts of food lovers and food connoisseurs. Though the food of Madhya Pradesh has been influenced from its neighbouring states, the people of this state have added a distinct taste to each of their dishes with their cooking prowess. Orchha’s local food includes kebabs, Mawa-Bati, Bhutte ka khees, Malpua, Kalakand etc. 

The famous and juicy kebabs of the city are served with rice or ‘makai roti’. Bundelkhand is famous for its’ kebabs here and another famous delicacy is the ‘Bundeli Ghost.’ These mouth watering meat kebabs and vegetable grilled skewers can be had at Amar Mahal, Orchha. Bundelkhandi cuisine uses a clay pot for the preparation of food and the fact that it is cooked on a firewood gives it a unique flavour. Other famous and heavenly dishes of this region include ‘Kunde ka Bhatta’, ‘Tapu’ & ‘Murar ke kebab’. Kunde ka Bhatta is a delicious snack item that will give you a taste of Orchha’s local culture. 

Amar Mahal, Photo Courtesy:


There are also plenty of desserts, a famous one called ‘Raas ki kheer’ which is prepared by mixing the extracts of the local Mahua flower with milk and millets. No sugar is added to this dish as it has got its’ own sweetness. Other desserts known to the Bundelkhand region are ‘Mawa Baati’, ‘Malpua’, ‘Kalakand’, ‘Peda’ etc which can be tried as well. 


Raas ki kheer
Raas ki kheer, Photo Courtesy:


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