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Chanderi: Picture Puzzle

Chanderi suffered a lot during the 1857 uprising; it was relentlessly plundered and partially burnt down. History of Chanderi goes back to the 11th century, when it was dominated by the trade routes of Central India and proximate to the arterial route to the ancient port of Gujarat as well as Malwa, Mewar, Central India & Deccan. As a result, Chanderi became an important military outpost. The town also finds mention in the Mahabharata. Chanderi is surrounded by hills southwest of the Betwa River. It is beautiful from all ends and has such a strong heritage that several films have also been shot here.

Below are a set of Jigsaw Picture Puzzles Chanderi is famous for. Solve them for a sneak peak into Chanderi’s culture and heritage. Here are some tips:
– Scroll down to a puzzle of your choice and simply start rearranging the pieces.
– The timer will start as soon as you pick up a piece.
– On the bottom left corner, there are two options called ‘Image’ and ‘Ghost.
– Both these options will let you see a glimpse of the final result.
– Solve them as fast as possible, maybe challenge your friends and family.
– Above all, HAVE FUN!!


The Parameshwar Tal  or Pond is a spectacular water body with a serene atmosphere which was built by the Bundela Rajput Kings.


This gateway was carved into an arch shaped structure from a single stone cut overnight upon the orders of Chanderi’s Governor so as to bring down the Mughal arms and cavalry.


Witness the beauty of the Chanderi Fort Palace that stands at a height of 71 m above the town on a hill.


The Bada Mahal Gate is a singular structure of a gate that has a height of 100 feet and striking features of elaborate carvings and impressive motifs.


In order to preserve the rich heritage and culture of Chanderi’s history, the Chanderi Museum was established in the year 1999.


The Shehzadi ka Roza is an impressive monument built on a 12 feet high podium. It was constructed in memory of the 15th century Hakim’s daughter Mehrunissa who sacrificed her life at this spot where the monument stands today due to her father’s disapproval of her love with the army chief who had been seriously injured during the war.


This superstructure, the Koshak Mahal was initially planned as seven storey building. Currently it has only three complete storeys with a network of passages and overhead corridors connecting them.



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