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Bidri themed GHR Bidar 2015 T-shirt and Medal

As our regular runners know and have come to expect, a lot of design thought goes into creating run collateral at any of our Heritage Runs. Designs for collateral follow a similar theme and always incorporate unique elements from the location of the run. We do this to ensure that runners get to take home some great souvenirs conveying the essence of the town they ran in.

The design theme for our runs can sometimes be inferred by looking at our run posters and social media promotional images and if you guessed that Bidriware, the metallic handicraft synonymous with Bidar, influenced the design of our run collateral for Bidar, you’d be right!

We selected a Black-Silver-White color palette for all our run collateral – running bibs, certificates, finisher stickers and route signage. And now, we’re happy to reveal that it influenced the Go Heritage Run – Bidar T-shirt as well. Bidriware is known for its geometric and floral motifs so we decided to “Bidrify” our runner T-shirt. Inspired by geometric patterns and human figurines, the T-shirt design is a tessellation of marathon runners and we hope you will like it as much as we do! 


GHR Bidar Tshirt

And what of the finisher medal design? Just like last year’s run at Bidar, the commemorative  medal  has been designed and hand-crafted by Mr. Rauf, a National Award winning Bidri artist. His team has manually etched each of these medals – no mass-manufactured finisher medals at our runs!

Bidar medal

Would you like to own a piece of Bidriware? We have repurposed some of our hand made Bidri finisher medals into key chains you can purchase, check here – Bidri key chain.

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