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Bidar 2017 Finisher Medal

The Bidar 2017 finisher medal has the outline of a kaman or “archway” as seen in numerous monuments around Bidar including the Sola Khamba Mosque. The arches of the Sola Khamba Mosque, which was built in the 14th century and is among the oldest in the country, as seen from within in a perspective view, also served as inspiration for the stylised “I” within the medal.

bidar 2017 finisher medal - sola khamba mosque bidar 2017 finisher medal - sola khamba mosque








Bidri is the metalware technique used by the artisans of Bidar. An alloy of zinc and copper is used as the base for the designs, and fine designs are chiseled onto this piece of metal.  Bidriware has its origins in Persia. Legend has it that the artisans of Bidar embraced these techniques during the reign of the Bahmani Sultanate in the Deccan –  and well, they’ve never looked back since. Read more about Bidriware here.

Like in previous years, the Bidar 2017 Finisher Medal has been handcrafted using Bidriware techniques by National Award winning craftsman M.A. Rauf –  it makes for a great souvenir to remember your run in Bidar by!

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Image Sources: Wikipedia Commons – Vu2sga and Chanveer P

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