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Badami is a town in North Karnataka that is quite famous for its architectural marvels from the Chalukyan era – especially the rock temples in town. Badami is also the nearest town to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Pattadakal and Aihole. This site is best known for the experiments in temple architecture by Chalukyan artists. In case you have more than one or two days, do plan to visit the World Heritage Site of Hampi which is about 120km away. Here are a couple of itineraries – link.

Badami travel and accommodation suggestions if you are travelling from Bangalore, Hyderabad or Hubli. Here is travel and accommodation information to help you plan travel on your own too.


Badami is located in North Karnataka and is accessible via rail from Hyderabad and Bangalore, and via road from Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune and Goa. The nearest airport is at Hubli (90 kms away).


Badami is a reasonably small town and most of the hotels and lodges are located within a kilometer of the bus stand and the Cave Temples. The railway station is located 4 kms. north of the town center. Listed below are budget lodges and economy hotels in Badami town. Do ensure you make hotel reservations well in advance.

Economy Hotels (INR 1000 and upwards / night)

Budget Lodges (< INR 1000 / night)


While one can use share autos or just walk around to explore Badami town, getting to the UNESCO World Heritage Site at Pattadakal, and related heritage sites at Aihole will require using public transport or hiring a taxi. Public transport between Pattadakal and Badami exists but isn’t very frequent. Transport from Pattadakal to Aihole is very infrequent. We recommend hiring a taxi, using private transport or cycling to Pattadakal and Aihole from Badami.

If you decide to travel to Hampi, read more about travel itinerary options,  where to stay, what to do and what souvenirs you’d like to buy once you get there.

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