6 GoUNESCO Proofs Of Hampi Which Get The Spirit Right

1. It is quite difficult to capture the entire Virupaksha Temple, where the Gopuram is actually carved out of a single stone. Abhilash Vishwanadula gets the magnificence of this temple well in a single shot.

Virupaksha Temple
Virupaksha Temple

2. The Elephant Stables of the great Vijayanagara Empire stand at a serene location separated from the palaces and the temples. Prasanna Dommu gets a complete view of the Indo-Islamic architecture, for which this structure is particularly known.

Elephant Stables Hampi
Elephant Stables

3. Hetna Naik gets the musical pillars and chariot of Vittala Temple in one frame. The musical pillars of Vittala temple is considered to be an architectural marvel and still inspires many modern day architects across the world.

Vittala Temple
Vittala Temple – Chariot & Musical Pillars

4. The photograph by Aravind Chandramohan gives us a panoramic view of Hampi. The picture moves away from the ruins and gets the boulder capital right!

Aravind Hampi (1)
Hampi Boulders

5. Hampi is called the “city of ruins”. Carol Brod captures one of the beautiful remains of the gopuram of Krishna temple at the market entrance.

Hampi Ruins
Hampi Ruins

6. This is picture does not show any of the well know spots, instead it gets the essence of Hampi right. A carving of a bull on a boulder in the Tungabadra River – we love it! Photo by Evelyn Kandur.

Picture of a Bull in Hampi
Picture of a Bull on a boulder

Have a look at some more travel proofs and tell us if we should add more to this list?

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