11 types of travelers you will meet in Hampi

The greatest world explorer, Ibn Batuta, once said,

Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.

This time when we went to Hampi, we spotted eleven such storytellers:

1. Hippies: While 60s was considered the heyday of hippiedom, you still find them in great numbers in Hampi. So if you spot them next time, sing along Strawberry Fields Forever by The Beatles with them.

Hippies Hampi people you find Peter Townsend
Singing and Dancing, Happy Hippies Picture Courtesy; Peter Townsend

2. Musicians: If you are someone who loves music, then Hampi is just the place for you. Go to the other side of the river, you will experience a cultural extravaganza of music, dance and song.

Musicians Kishore Nagarigari Hampi
Sing along with the Musicians Picture Courtesy: Kishore Nagarigari


3. Photographers: Hampi is a perfect sight where each and every photograph is a masterpiece. And that’s why you will spot amateurs and professionals alike aiming for their next perfect click of the ruins.

Kshitiz Anand Hampi India Photographers
While everyone has a camera, only some of them are photographers Picture Courtesy: Kshitiz Anand


4. Marathoners: Away from the city noise, runners are getting excited about going to heritage sites such as Hampi. Go Heritage Runs organized a Hampi run in July this year, and is planning another on January 25th 2015.

Runners Hampi
The best place to run — is a heritage site


5. Boulderers: No mountain high for these boulderers. We found some of them climbing these giant rocks in Hampi.

Climbers Hampi Kishore Nagarigari
Boulderers in Hampi Picture Courtesy: Kishore Nagarigari


6. Meditators: Hampi is one spot where you find lovers of peace trying to think and reflect in a quiet place.

Meditators Hampi kishore nagarigari
Mediators will find their quaint spot in Hampi Picture Courtesy: Kishore Nagarigari


7. Lovers: Hampi is a place for romancing historical ruins as much a lover’s nest.

There's no place like Hampi for the lovers
Lovers among ruins Picture Courtesy: Kishore Nagarigari


8. Dreamers: Just the place of your dreams and the place for your dreams.

Dream a dream in Hampi Picture Courtesy: Sario Reales


9. Thinkers: There’s one on every rock in Hampi. May you find your rock to think too!

Loners Hampi Kishore
Find your rocking spot Picture Courtesy: Kishore Nagarigari


10. Pilgrims: We also spotted a number of devotees taking a bath in the Tungabhadra river near Hampi.

Pilgrims Bathe in the Tungabhadra River near Hampi Picture Courtesy: Adam Jones


11. Bikers: You will spot lone bike rides, and sometimes in large groups. Ask for a lift, and they might oblige.

Bikers in Hampi - probably the best way to explore the ruins Picture Courtesy: Harshad Sharma
Bikers in Hampi – probably the best way to explore the ruins
Picture Courtesy: Harshad Sharma

Try spotting these travelers when you come to GHR Hampi on January 28.

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