Run In India’s Premier Tiger Reserve And The Setting Of The Jungle Book – March 29, 2020!
As this is an ecologically sensitive area, the run will be conducted in the buffer zone of the park. 




Pench National Park is spread across two states – Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. There are multiple gates into the core zone – Turia Gate and Karmajhiri gate are the popular gates on the Madhya Pradesh side. More famously, the Pench National Park and the Seonee Hills is the setting of Rudyard Kipling’s famous The Jungle Book



Go Heritage Run - Pench
Date: Sunday March 13, 2022
Venue: Kipling's Court, Turia
Distances: 5KM, 10KM, 21KM
Reporting Time: 6:15AM
Run Start: 21km - 6:30AM
10km - 6:45AM
5km - 7.00AM


Venue: Kipling's Court, Turia
From Thursday, 10th March
10:00am to 6:00pm

To reach from Nagpur, please drive north on NH 44 and take a left at Khawasa village.

GHR Pench Travel

Pench - Travel and Hotels

Taking a run vacation at the Pench National Park? Here is how you can get there, where to stay and some recommendations on how to plan a tiger safari.

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History of Pench

Read about the history of Pench, the significance of the National Park in many wildlife books and its' connection with Jungle Book.

Pench's Jungle Book Connection

Fun Fact: Rudyard Kipling first wrote about Mowgli, not in The Jungle Book but in a short story titled In The Rukh.

Pench Run Routes

Read on to learn about the 5KM, 10KM and 21KM GHR Pench run routes. As this is an ecologically sensitive area, the run will be conducted in the buffer zone of the Pench National Park.

Places to see in Pench

Nearby sights to see in and around Pench

Pench is not only known for its' Safaris, but also its picturesque features of beautiful lakes, dams and reservoirs.

Pench 2020 Run T-shirt

The Pench souvenir run t-shirt will be launched soon - stay tuned!

Pench: Picture Puzzles

Pench Tiger Reserve or Pench National Park is one of the premier tiger reserves of India. Solve the picture puzzles for a sneak peak into Pench Tiger Reserve's wildlife, flora and fauna.

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