Date: Sunday May 28, 2017
Venue: Top Flats, Lawrence School, Lovedale
Reporting Time: 06.00AM
15 KM Flagoff: 06.30AM
10 KM Flagoff: 06.45AM
5 KM Flagoff: 07.00AM


Date: Saturday May 27, 2017
Venue: Entrance, Lawrence School, Lovedale
Timings: 10.00AM - 6.00PM

Note: If you have opted for accommodation at the Aventura Ooty campsite, your kit will be waiting for you when you check-in.

Ooty Run Routes

Ooty Run Routes

All run routes start and finish at the Lawrence School, Lovedale campus and snake through the school's cross-country trail. The run routes will also traverse the Nilgiri Mountain Railway - a UNESCO World Heritage Site that's over a 100 years old.

Ooty Run Accommodation

Accommodation Options

Consider staying at boarding school accommodation at the run venue - the Lawrence School, Lovedale. Or at the Aventura Ooty campsite located just a few kms away on Tiger Hill. Stay in world class tents and sleeping bags on Run Weekend.

Ooty Run T-shirt

The OOTY Run T-shirt

The T-shirt depicts a woman hand plucking leaves in the lush green tea estates with the rolling Nilgiris in the background – a typical Ooty scene. It's a fluorescent green – matching the lustrous tea leaves shimmering in the morning sun.


Many know Ooty as a holiday destination and a summer retreat. But did you know Ooty is also home to one of India’s 35 World Heritage Sites? Read about the Nilgiri Mountain Railway and much more below.

Ooty in Popular Culture

The Nilgiri Mountain Railway in popular culture

The Nilgiri Mountain Railway has had a slot of reel-time that you probably didn’t know about. How many of the movies listed here have you seen?

Ooty Heritage Trail

Ooty Heritage Trail

Our friends at INTACH have compiled this Ooty heritage trail - a bucketlist of places to see and things to do while you're in Ooty. Our favorite is the hostel that used to be a brewery! READ MORE

Ooty Coonoor Train

Ooty to Connoor on the NMR

The ‘toy’ train snails at a speed of about 60 km per hour carrying passengers on the rack and pinion track to Coonoor and Ooty – covering a distance of 46 kilometers in the form of 108 curves, 16 tunnels and 250 bridges. And that’s really the best part...


The best part of Go Heritage Runs is that we are a series. Which means that the destinations change, but some things will always stay same - scenic, historic routes, a great family friendly experience and a fun run-vacation. Keep in touch with us and take a run-vacation with us this year!

GHR 2017 Calendar

2017 Calendar

With a run almost every month, Go Heritage Runs are the best travel plan for you! See the runs planned and announced on our calendar.


Share heritage run routes

Know of run routes in your town or city that traverse heritage sites? Share them with us and the heritage running community!

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