every weekend in April and May 2019!

Weekend Camping

Spend 2 days and 1 night camping under the stars

Saturday Run

Explore Lovedale and its valley view by sunset

Sunday Run

Run in search of tea estates in the early dawn


Discover Ooty playing self-paced, engaging treasure hunts

7 weekends in April and May!

Choose any weekend - April 13-14/ April 20-21/ April 27-18/ May 4-5/ May 11-12/ May 18-19/ May 25-26

what is an ooty runCATION?

  • Guided runs

Run on two different Ooty trails, and explore valley views and tea estates. Both runs will be led by experienced runners. 

  • treasure huntS

Discover Ooty’s sights, sounds and tastes at your own pace through engaging, immersive treasure hunts. 

  • camping

Spend a weekend at one of Ooty’s best campsites. See Ooty, the Nilgiris and the starry night skies from a whole new perspective. 


  • What is a runcation?

A runcation is a weekend getaway at a scenic destination with lots of running and exploring thrown in. This Ooty runcation will involve not just running but self-paced treasure hunts and a weekend of camping at one of Ooty’s best campsites. 

  • WHEN ARE the ooty runcations?

Ooty Runcations are slated for every weekend in April and May of 2019. Pick the weekend of your choice when you sign up (April 13-14/ April 20-21/ April 27-18/ May 4-5/ May 11-12/ May 18-19/ May 25-26).

  • WHAT is the schedule on the ooty runcation?

Day 1 – Saturday

Show up at the Aventura Fern Hill campsite on Saturday morning. 

After breakfast and a hot bath,  explore the campsite and its views.

You can also meet your fellow runcation-ers.

3pm – We will set out from the campsite on a guided 6km run along a scenic route in Lovedale that overlooks valleys and the Nilgiri Mountain Railway. We will be running in the hills so expect elevation changes along the way. The route ends at a scenic viewpoint where we can all take photos. A car will pick the group up here and we will head back to the campsite. You can choose to run back and make it a 12km run too.

Day 2 – Sunday –

At dawn on Sunday morning, we will set out on another guided 8km run – this time in the direction of the tea estates. Prepare yourself for elevation changes and the heady aroma of tea leaves.
A car will pick us up and bring us back to the campsite. Again, you can choose to run back to start to make it a 16km run.

At anytime over the weekend, you can head into Ooty and play one of our proprietary app-based treasure hunts – they’re an immersive, engaging way to discover and explore the historic parts of Ooty town at your own pace.

Please note that both the run routes will be on public roads and do not enter The Lawrence School. If you would like to run inside the school, please register for GHR – Ooty on June 2 2019.

  • how large is the group on these runcations?

To keep the experience exclusive and intimate we limit participation each weekend to 15 runners. You will meet them at the campsite, along the guided runs and you can choose to explore Ooty together too!

  • How fit do I have to be to run in Ooty?

If you can run or walk 10KM in under 1.5 hours, you will enjoy our guided runs across Lovedale and the tea estates. Don’t forget to bring comfortable running shoes. 

  • How comfy is the campsite?

The campsite is situated on a hill overlooking a deep valley. You will be allocated a 2-person or 4-person tent equipped with clean, all-weather sleeping bags. There are full-fledged bathrooms on site equipped with geysers, running water, washbasins and toilet paper.  In short, comfier than you’d expect! 

  • What is included in the ooty runcation?

The Ooty runcation includes two guided runs, two self-paced treasure hunts,  accommodation for 2 days and 1 night at one of Ooty’s best campsites, breakfast on Saturday and Sunday and run goodies you will receive before we set out on the guided runs! 

  • What are the runcation exclusions?

Lunch, dinner, snacks and beverages are not included. Pickup and drop from Ooty bus stand to the campsite is not included. Anything not explicitly mentioned in the inclusions above is excluded.

  • I love this concept! Can you arrange a runcation exclusively for my friends and me?


If you are a running club or group or a group of friends or family and would like us to organize a runcation exclusively for your group, please let us know. We will need 10 or more runners in this group.

To book the campsite entirely for your group, the group size needs to include 75 or more folks.

Please email us at runcation@goheritagerun.com and tell us when your group is interested in taking the runcation and we will be happy to help! 


  • Are there any group discounts?


We will love to see you come with your running buddies to the Ooty runcation. Below are the group registration discounts available –

5% – 3-5 runners
8% – 5-10 runners
10% – 10-20 runners
15% – more than 20

Please email us at runcation@goheritagerun.com and and we will be happy to register your group! 

  • Can non-runners join too?


While a runcation is meant for folks who run, we understand that non-runner partners/friends/family members may also want to join with a runner. We will be glad to host non-running guests at the Ooty runcation!


  • I have more questions, who should I ask?

Please write to us – runcation@goheritagerun.com and we will get back to you quickly.

You can also message us on whatsapp (no calls) at 80736 84745.