Message from Mrs. Sangita Jindal, Chairperson, JSW Foundation

SANGITA_JINDAL_JSW_HampiA warm welcome to all the participants of the JSW Go Heritage Run Hampi!

At JSW, we have always strived to create an impact in the lives of all our key stakeholders including our customers, our employees and the communities around where we operate. Through the JSW Foundation, we have actively participated in various heritage conservation initiatives and helped in the restoration of ancient temples—an effort that has been lauded and felicitated by UNESCO itself. The Hampi Place (3D exhibit) at our Kaladham complex in Vijayanagar is a fitting tribute to the history and glory of Hampi. We are delighted to support the Go Heritage Run in Hampi which is yet another initiative aimed at promoting awareness and appreciation of our rich heritage in a fun-filled and unique manner.

And all the very best for the run!