Go Heritage Runs in Madhya Pradesh

Cities and historic towns. Rocky Trails and paved road. River islands and storied Forts. Iconic Tombs and riverside Cenotaphs. Far-flung Tiger reserves and wildlife sanctuaries. Come explore the heart of Incredible India, Madhya Pradesh, on a run-vacation with family and friends with Go Heritage Runs! Scenic, historic run vacations in the state all the year round.


This 11th century fortress town, located a few hours away from Indore, is famous for its Afghan architecture. The influence is seen in the town's tombs, mosques and its water palace - the famous Jahaz Mahal. And if the 11th century isn't ancient enough for you, stop over at Mandu's Dinosaur Park - which houses skeletons, teeth, bones and eggs of dinosaur remains found in the region.


This scenic hill station and former summer capital of the Central provinces was once home to British troops looking to escape the heat from the plains. However, Pachmarhi's history goes even further back - the Pandavas are believed to have built the caves of Pachmarhi during their thirteen years of exile. Expect to run in the vicinity of Pachmarhi's waterfalls, caves and mountainous terrain.

Go Heritage Run - Khajuraho


Famous for their architectural symbolism and erotic sculptures the Hindu and Jain temples of Khajuraho are a sight to behold. Many date back to the 10th Century and the temples are now a UNESCO World heritage site too. There are three groups of temples and you can actively explore them all at the next Go Heritage Run - Khajuraho.

Gwalior-Fort Photo by: amit sen


Gwalior has a storied past and its Jain sculptures, numerous palaces and temples within Gwalior Fort testify to that today. Gwalior can also lay claim to having the first occurrence of the number zero as a written number - and signage all across Gwalior Fort will remind you of that. Actively explore all these sites and more when you run in Gwalior this March.

Pench National Park


Pench National Park is spread across two states – Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. There are multiple gates into the core zone – Turia Gate and Karmajhiri gate are the popular gates on the Madhya Pradesh side. More famously, the Pench National Park and the Seonee Hills is the setting of Rudyard Kipling’s famous The Jungle Book.



Orchha's Fort Complex is within an island formed by the confluence of the Betwa River and Jamni River. Jehangir Mahal, Raj Mahal, Sheesh Mahal and Rai Praveen Mahal are part of the Fort complex. Orchha is also home to one of India's few Vulture sanctuaries. Expect to see vultures and other wildlife at Orchha's river island sanctuary, incredible views of its cenotaphs, the river Betwa, historic temples and the Fort Complex when you visit Orchha.