GHR Hyderabad 2017 Finisher Medals

Our GHR Hyderabad 2017 finisher medals are made of lac – Hyderabad is famous for its lac bangles and the Lad Bazaar area near Charminar is the main production center for these bangles. Usually they are embellished with stone colors of precious and semi precious stones. We have instead used faux pearls and a much simpler design for the medal.

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Lambani Souvenir – GHR Hampi 2017 Finisher Medal

At Go Heritage Runs, we like to weave in local arts and crafts into the running experience. For GHR Hampi, the finisher medal has been handcrafted by Lambani women from the Sandur Kushala Kala Kendra, an NGO near Hampi that works towards the revival of indigenous crafts, ensuring a better life for the people who made them, finding new markets and making the crafts more relevant to modern tastes.

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Go Bananas in the Monkey Kingdom near Hampi

Anegundi, a village that falls within the core zone of the Hampi World Heritage Site, is home to a thriving cottage industry based on Banana fibre. Read about the wide variety of products made from this natural product, usually not thought of as a raw material and usually discarded.

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