Take part in a fun run through Bidar - former capital of the Bahmani kingdom in the current Hyderabad Deccan region.



Date: Sunday Nov 26, 2017 (tentative)
Venue: Bidar Fort, Bidar
21K Flagoff: 05.45 AM
10K Flagoff: 06.00 AM
5K Flagoff: 06.15 AM

Closer than you think!

Hyderabad - 150 kms
Pune - 450 kms
Bangalore - 690 kms


This former capital of the Bahmani Kingdom has heritage and religious structures spread all across town. But there's more - read about the ancient aqueduct system, its arts and crafts and the town's Bollywood connection too. 


The Digitization of the Cultural Heritage in Bidar

Digitization of tourism and culture that is being heavily encouraged and promoted in Bidar. Apart from an innovative Wikipedia edit marathon, Bidar has used technology to disseminate information about the heritage and culture in Bidar.


Bidar in Photos

The District Administration and Tourism Department in Bidar, in association with GoUNESCO organized a photography tour in 2015 and invited photographers from Hyderabad, Pune and Chennai to Bidar to showcase Bidar’s incredible beauty.


Bidar - Places to Visit

Bidar is a town of significance to many religions in the modern day – one of the most important pilgrimage centers for Sikhs is in Bidar. The mix of old and modern heritage is something a traveller will spot immediately and appreciate.


Bollywood Calling: Promoting Bidar's cultural heritage

Bidar Fort's played the setting for many Bollywood and South Indian films- how many of these have you watched? Read on...


Bidriware - the pride of bidar

Widely known as Indian art, Bidriware often fails to be recognized as Bidar’s artwork. But the lesser-known fact remains that these artifacts are made on the soil of Bidar and from the soil of Bidar.


Karez: Experience Persian Heritage

The history of the Karez systems in Bidar dates back to 500 years during the reign of the Muslim dynasties that descended from Persia. They brought along with them experts and engineers who then oversaw the construction of this incredible harvesting technology.


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